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Who I Am and What I Do

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My name is Belrie Dagasuhan Jr.

I'm a professional On-page/Off-page SEO Specialist based in the Philippines. I have worked with several small businesses in fine-tuning their SEO and increasing their Domain Rating and Authority online. Boosting their social media presence, and developing their overall SEO content strategy.

Good News for You!

You Don't Have To Pay Overpriced SEO Services from Unknown Companies without Faces, and Content Made entirely by Robots!

Most of all you will not be waiting years for results.

What My Clients Say

" I'm glad you and your team are evolving and providing better or more services. I was just going to order some guest posts for a couple of other sites that I'm working on."

- Chuck Hoskovec| Owner, Hosquared Marketing

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Mobile: +639562068474


Office address: Santan Street, Iligan CIty Philippines 9200

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