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Pillar Page and Cluster Content

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Pillar Page Starts with $25 per page ($15 for Outlines)

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Our SEO Content is content (text, images, video) optimized for Search Engine Results Page (SERP) visibility.

Pillar Pages lays the foundation for SEO Content(Topic Cluster). A pillar page comprehensively covers the entire topic on one page, with space for further in-depth reporting and more in-depth cluster blog entries that link back to the pillar page.

Pillar pages should thoroughly cover a single keyword associated with the topic, while cluster content should do the same.

As an illustration, you might develop a pillar page on the broad topic "SEO"-and "Ranking Factors" as the pillar page--a comprehensive topic about SEO. A more focused keyword inside the topic of "Ranking Factors", can then be "backlinking"--this will be one of your cluster content.